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I will be happy to assist you in researching your Civil War ancestor for a reasonable fee through my research business, Crossed Sabers Solutions, LLC. Scope of project and rates are negotiable. All information will be source referenced.

I will make an initial search on the person of interest to determine what is available for a flat fee. If I can wrap it up in two hours or less there is no further fee. Whatever I discover during the initial search is yours. If it is going to take additional time, I will advise you on what else is available and we can discuss how you wish to proceed with your project at any hourly rate. You are in control of the process and the extent of your project, and we will always agree on how to proceed before taking the next step and incurring additional fees.

Frequently people simply need to know where and how to look, and would prefer to search on their own. If that is the case, I will simply identify as many sources as possible during my initial search, and provide my recommendation on how best to proceed with the project.

Best Regards,
Don Caughey

7 thoughts on “Research For Hire: Crossed Sabers Solutions, LLC”

  1. Daniel J. Cook said:

    Greetings Mr. Caughey,
    My gr-gr uncle, Lawrence Cook was the bugler for Troop D, 6th US Cav. from 9Aug61 to 9Aug64, mustered in @ Camp Scott & out @ White House VA. I’m headed to G’burg 6June & am interested in where Wade’s Sqd. was stationed while escorting Pleasonton. I’ve read it was the Patterson house. Also I’m going to Carlisle; is there anything there on the 6th?
    I just ordered your book from you & am looking forward to reading it before I head N.
    Dan Cook
    PS: What do you charge for research? I’ve got Davis’ book & Carter’s plus many of Wittenbergs & Longacrs books, plus my uncle’s pension file &c. and I wonder what else might be out there?
    PPS: My uncle re-upped on 28Aug64 as a substitute & was the bugler for Troop H, 6th Penn until 5June65.

  2. Andrew W. German said:

    Hi Don, we met at Rose Hill two years ago. My interest is the 1st Penna. Cav. specifically and Gregg’s 2nd Cav. Division generally. Recently I acquired a cdv of Capt. Joseph C. Murphy of the 1st Mass. Cav. The regimental history notes that he served in the US Cavalry from 1858 till 1863, when he was commissioned in the 1st Mass. After the war, it appears that he enlisted in the 7th US Cav. in 1870 under the name Joseph Bates, and served under Reno at the Little Big Horn. He is apparently buried at Sturgis, SD. I haven’t gotten to the Archives yet to check his service records (and Bob O’Neill may beat me to it), but I wonder if Joseph Murphy appears in any of the rosters you’ve compiled for the Regulars. Thanks for your consideration. Andrew German

    • dccaughey said:

      Hi Andrew, yes I remember meeting you, that was a great day. I don’t remember coming across him specifically, but that may just mean it wasn’t the 6th or the (incomplete but I’m working on it) 2nd US Cavalry. I’m camping with my son’s cub scout troop this weekend, but will try to track him down next week. Thanks for thinking of me, and tell Bob hi when you see him. Best, Don

    • dccaughey said:

      Andrew, I found only one that fits but it’s unfortunately not definitive. Right dates and right place, but that’s about it. Joseph C. Murphy enlisted in Co. F, 2d Dragoons on 29 March 1858 at Buffalo, NY by Lt Robert Eagle. He was 22 yrs old and had worked as a clerk prior to enlisting. He separated as a private when his term expired on 29 March 1863 at the regimental camp near Falmouth, VA. Description is listed as ble eyes, brown hair, swarthy complexion, 5’9″ if that helps. Don

    • John Sexton said:

      Dear Andrew,
      I am interested in your information concerning Bayard’s cavalry badge. I just saw a gold, silver and enamel example named to Capt. William S Craft, 1st Pa Cav. I was wondering who made these? I helped Stan Phillips many years ago research CW badges but never ran across these offered in ads or correspondence. Please call if you can. I will be happy to send you a photo if you send me email address. John Sexton 770-329-4984

      • Andrew W. German said:

        Hello John,
        Thanks for getting in touch. My email is
        I’d love to see Capt. Craft’s badge. There’s a photo of an officer’s model in Echoes of Glory (page 172, owned by a 1st NJ officer who went to the 2nd NJ), but I haven’t seen one up close. Is Craft’s available, by any chance? He was a good officer and lost a leg in the summer of 1864. I have his cdv.
        The badge commemorates the service of Bayard’s Brigade in June 1862, when they chased Jackson up the Valley. According to Adjutant William P. Lloyd’s diary (at UNC), he designed the badge in February-March 1864 and had them produced somewhere, maybe Philadelphia? They were apparently available by spring because part of a silver enlisted one was dug at Cold Harbor in the early 1990s (apparently described in an issue of North South Trader that I haven’t been able to find). I’ve seen images of officers wearing them, including Ken Turner’s 1st Penna. field and staff photo that’s reproduced in The Civil War in Pennsylvania (one definite; possibly two). That was probably taken in September 1864 when those officers went home.
        I got photos of a couple of Co. D enlisted ones from a badge collector back in the 1990s and then purchased one of them from the Horse Soldier about 10 years ago. The other sold on eBay a couple of years ago. The soldier’s name and company is nicely engraved on the reverse. I haven’t seen any others on offer.
        I have a cdv of Col. Kester of the 1st NJ wearing one so they were adopted by members of both units. I don’t know if they got to Hall’s Maine battery or Kane’s Bucktail Battalion members.
        Unfortunately, I don’t know how many were produced or how much the soldiers had to pay for them, but they were definitely a wartime piece.
        Thanks for getting in touch. I’d be happy to talk further.

  3. Andrew W. German said:

    Thank you Don, I believe he’s the one. His physical description matches the 7th Cav. description, and I just found that Wagner’s Participants in the Battle of the Little Big Horn, where he’s listed as Joseph Bates aka Joseph C. Murphy, makes a general reference to the 2nd Dragoons. If you’re interested, I’ll show you a jpg when I scan the cdv. Thanks again, Andrew

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